Panel: The Many Flavors of Ecosystems
Chair: John D. McGregor

This panel will discuss both technical and business related ecosystem issues including software product line practices such as variation management and production planning.

The panelists represent a range of perspectives on what the ecosystem strategy is and how it should be deployed.
The members of this panel will discuss how their perspectives lead to effective solutions. Panelists will be asked to respond to several scenarios such as how to manage multiple platforms where there are many organizations working on many platforms at the same time.

Panel: Sustainability in Software Product Lines
Chairs: Ruzanna Chitchyan, Joost Noppen, Iris Groher

Sustainability encompasses a wide set of aims: ranging from energy efficient software products (environmental sustainability), reduction of software development and maintenance costs (economic sustainability), to employee wellbeing (social sustainability).

This panel brings together researchers and practitioners to explore the role that sustainability will play in software product line engineering.

The panel aims to explore how sustainability manifests itself in domain engineering, via study of, for instance, sustainability patterns in domain analysis, architectural decisions motivated by specific sustainability concerns, types of variability that results from sustainability considerations, as well as engineering of sustainability as a domain itself.
This panel explores challenges in research and practice for Sustainability in Software Product Line Engineering.